Saturday, December 26, 2009

Of Right & Wrong Choices .. uh & super perfectness .. uh & super twisted tounges

beware of those things above ..
u'll be trapped & be succumbed to doom if ur with a person as the above ...

anyway ..

this life is all about other people ... not u .. u have to effin put ur self in a ditch & let the other half be on top some stupid stereo typed skyscrapper & effin rule u ..

nice huh ?

well im there ... nope not on the scrapper but deep down in stupid ditch full of rats & germs .. heee

pen off

Thursday, December 3, 2009

hye ..

its been quite some time since i last talked to u .. i wonder what u have gone thru ... who read u .. who checked u out & who left anything on u .. :p

i missed u my hidden echoes .. :p

i bet ur better off then i am now ..

anyway ..

ive plunged into the realm of commitment, so to say .. a realm i predict full of happiness & bliss ..

a realm & dimention filled with sacrifices & self forgetting for the benefit of the other half ..

hope everything goes well ..
hope my heart breaks & hardships is been felt & seen ..
hope to be pampered ..
hope to be respected ..
i hope to be loved .. truly ..