Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Great Voyage of Self Betterment

I've actually managed to get my guts numb & cold, venturing beyond the crowd or should we say The Commoners Realm :p.

Well in case I'm sounding too deep & far from comprehending the Lay-Mens thinking flesh , here's the deal :

I have pulled the plug off my FB or Facebook or watchamacallit stupid online social network portal.
& with chins high up, I stride through the reels of my show, with echoes of "I shall & will not ever be made an inhabitant of this Commoner's Amusement ground!"

I've always had the hunch, this junk dressed in blue with their owners pictures printed on their left foreheads is nothing but bad news & on a wet day.

Yucks !

I have again set sail on the voyage of getting known & liked (:p) through a much more civilized & respected manner .. Reading ..

I pity, shitloads, those who are there to be not what they are .. chuckles ..

But I doubt not there are those whom I respect & wish I was them lurks & swims in the blue waters of this Book !

Plus I do not like what I see there .. some are just beyond comprehension & digestion ..

so here go .. Let's flip em pages partner !

& yeah Thanx to you Ms ..