Friday, October 15, 2010

Tables Has Been Turned :p

Hey people !
It's been ages since the last scribble was seen done on this page :p

Well I'm back & scribbling but with a twist .. I'll be adding prmotions of Tupperware products on this page for you to feast & gobble on ! ;p

U may contact me to purchase these cute yet handy & practical toy like daily essentials, with a discounted price that is !
I am contactable via email & cellphone. & 60176936383 (SMS only plz)

:) price quoted, has been slashed by 20% !
& if you require delivery to your doorstep, kindly state.
HOWEVER only purchase above RM200 shall be eligble for a delivery service :)
An additional charge shall be imposed for the delivery just to cover my gas & toll charges ranging from RM10 to RM20 (maximum)

I shall require payment be credited to me PRIOR the delivery & shall be made on the delivery date itself :)

anyways .. u can contact me for more details


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